During my time at the Central Fine Arts Academy in Beijing, China in the 80s, I was introduced to the idea of “Creating Art for and of People”. Travelling to many places within my home country with sketchbook in hand, I was able to capture moments of life and feeling from the people, landscapes, and towns in China. Through my work I expressed my thoughts, memories, and feelings on the beauty of nature. The objects, such as a small gate or an open space between mountains illustrate my perspective. Many of my woodcut pieces created during that era include “Village Women”, “Native Women”, “Country Yard”, and “Dusk”.

China changed dramatically in the late 80s and 90s, with cities, highways, skyscrapers, and a new business-oriented mindset breaking the quietness of rural village life. To reflect these change examples of my work included “Beijing Cube” and “Fudog” etchings as I perceived the dawn of a new era.

After having moved to the United States, the memories and ideas of natural figures and village life remain with me. I found myself reflecting my memories through the images in my artwork, such as in “My Hometown”, “Tea house”, “Red Gate”, “Mountain Mist”, “Window 1”, “Window 2”, “Window 3” and “Window 5”.

My most recent work- “Converse” is inspired by my experience at the Shanghai Aquarium. Seeing sharks and other life all around me, I was touched by their beauty and used my memories of my journey to express the power of life and the balance between humanity and marine wildlife through my art.

I utilize many diverse and varied methods in making my art, including Etching, Woodcut and Silk Screen. I often use focus points such as gates, aisles, and windows to show distance through perspective, inviting the viewer into a space of speculation, making every piece a journey through my thoughts. Practicing my art allows me to acknowledge and impact my cultural roots and people by showing the peace and natural beauty of life that we all enjoy. Recognizing these deep roots in my cultural identity and our desires for beauty, I am inspired to create more artwork.

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